Welcome to the Climate Change Litigation Seminar on 28 April

We warmly welcome you to our seminar CLIMATE CHANGE LITIGATION TRENDS IN EUROPE: Taking stock from practice and prospects for Finland, hosted on 28 April at 9-16.30 (EET). The event has been moved from January to April due to covid-19 restrictions.

In the last 15 years, litigation before international and domestic judicial and quasi-judicial bodies has increasingly prompted state and corporate actors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and redress harms associated with the impacts of climate change.

The Climate Change Litigation Seminar will focus on major developments in climate litigation in Europe and their implications for Finland. It will feature leading climate change litigation experts and practitioners, reflecting on recent developments before European courts.

The event will be organised in hybrid form at the University of Helsinki and online in two parts:

1) International programme at 9.00-12.30 (EET). Presentations and discussion of the state of European climate litigation, recent cases and their implications.

2) Finnish programme ”Ilmasto-oikeudenkäynnit ja Suomi” at  13:30-16:30 (EET) (EET). Mukana ovat 2035Legitimacy-hankkeen tutkijat Antti Belinskij, Kati Kulovesi, Milka Sormunen sekä puhujia valtionhallinnosta, tuomioistuinlaitoksesta, yliopistoista sekä kansalaisjärjestöistä.

The event is open to all and you can sign up to only one or to both parts of the seminar.

Read about the programme here

Sign up to the event here

The event is organised by the Erik Castrén Institute (ECI), University of Helsinki, and the Centre for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL), University of Eastern Finland. 

The event is part of the 2035Legitimacy project, funded by the Academy of Finland, which focuses on the legitimacy of Finland’s planned transition towards a carbon-neutral welfare state by 2035.


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