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The 2035Legitimacy project brings together researchers in the fields of law, economics, sociology, and climate science.

The project is truly multidisciplinary, pursuing collaboration and dialogue across different disciplines while examining legitimacy considerations in Finnish climate policy.

Project management and coordination


University of Helsinki

Päivi Leino-Sandberg

Professor (Transnational European Law), WP4 leader, Law

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Harri Kokkola

Senior Scientist, Atmospheric Science (Aerosol Modelling), WP5 leader

Climate modelling; physics of climate change

Research topics:
The effects of climate pollutant reductions on climate and air quality

Kari Lehtinen

Professor (Theoretical and Numerical Aerosol Physics and Dynamics)

Heikki Tuomenvirta

Senior Research Scientist, Atmospheric Science (Meteorology)

climate change impacts, climate risks, adaptation

Research topics:
Distribution of climate change impacts and risks

University of Jyväskylä

Suvi Huttunen

Senior Lecturer, Social Sciences

Anni Turunen

Doctoral Researcher, Social and Public Policy

Teea Kortetmäki

Postdoctoral Researcher

Climate justice and justice in climate action; social acceptance of policies

Research topics:
Employment impacts and related perceptions of policy legitimacy

Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Antti Belinskij

Research Professor, WP3 leader, Law

Climate policy integration in national environmental law

Research topics:
Climat change plans, appeals, permit procedures, law preparation

Paula Leskinen

Researcher, Law

Regulatory climate impact assessment

Research topics:
Climate policy integration (the role of national law), regulatory climate impact assessment

Anu Lähteenmäki-Uutela

Senior Research Scientist, Law

Justice; basic and human rights

Research topics:
Environmental rights

Seita Romppanen

Senior Research Scientist, Law

EU environmental law, EU climate law; LULUCF and Effort Sharing Regulations; the legitimacy of EU climate law framework

Research topics:
Role of knowledge and science in EU environmental and climate law; integration of legal fields and relevant legal interfaces from climate law’s perspective, sub-national climate governance

University of Eastern Finland

Tuula Honkonen

Senior Lecturer (International Law), Coordinator, Law

National climate acts; participation and access to information

Research topics:
Participation and access to information within the UN climate negotiations from the perspective of Finnish actors

Vilja Johansson

Junior Researcher, Law

Climate law and justice

Research topics:
Just tranistion as a legal concept

Kati Kulovesi

Professor (International Law), Principal Investigator, WP1 leader, Law

Nicola Sharman

Early-Stage Researcher, Law

Public participation; international climate change negotiations; Aarhus Convention

Research topics:
Public participation in international climate change negotiations

Maiju Mähönen

Doctoral Researcher


EU law and policy, Finnish Climate Change Act

VATT Institute for Economic Research

Marita Laukkanen

Chief Researcher, Vice-PI, WP2 leader, Economics

Carbon pricing, climate policy evaluation, climate policy and competitiveness, distributional effects of climate policies

Kimmo Ollikka

Senior Researcher, Economics

Anna Sahari

Senior Researcher

Household behavior related to energy consumption in housing and transport, assessment of climate policy impacts

Advisory Board

  • Jonas Ebbesson,Stockholm University
  • Peter Newell, University of Sussex
  • Karin Bäckstrand, Stockholm University
  • CJ Brian Preston, New South Wales Land and Environment Court
  • Heta-Elena Heiskanen, Ministry of the Environment
  • Leo Parkkonen, Ministry of Finance
  • Matti Kahra, The Confederation of Finnish Industries
  • Mikael Kirkko-Jaakkola, Taxpayers Association of Finland
  • Pia Björkbacka, Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions
  • Leila Kurki, Finnish Confederation of Professionals
  • Kaisa Kosonen, Greenpeace Finland
  • Marja Järvelä, University of Jyväskylä